Things to do in Amsterdam | September 2016

After many great events and activities this summer, we’ve come to the point where Autumn is taking it’s place and we need to enjoy these last few sunny days and festivals. Some have to go back home and others are excited for their trip to Amsterdam. What do they have in common?

Things to do in Amsterdam | August 2016

We’re already halfway through the summer and there’s still a lot to do.. All sorts of events are coming up, like music festivals, canal parades and some great parties. This list isn’t just filled with popular events for tourists, but also with places where the locals go.

Things to do in Amsterdam | June 2016

Another month has already gone by. We have had some pretty nice sunny days in May, so let’s hope that this carries on in June! Of course it’s nice to do something outside with sunny weather.

Things to do in Amsterdam | May 2016

There’s a lot to do during the month May. We have some awesome national celebrations and traditions. Let’s hope that the weather won’t disappoint us on these traditional holidays. We have put together a selection of all kinds of fun things you could do this month in Amsterdam.

Things to do in Amsterdam | April 2016

There is a lot to do in Amsterdam during the month of April. The weather should be a little better with spring officially starting, let us hope anyway.

Things to do in Amsterdam | March 2016

With March knocking on our door, it’s time to do as much fun stuff as possible. Fortunately for you, we've already picked out a couple of things we know you’re going to enjoy. Amsterdam has something for everybody, no matter if you're young or old , male or female.