Things to do in Amsterdam | February 2016

No Inspiration for February? Then check this out!

With the cold weather, we should keep ourselves warm! If you happen to be visiting Amsterdam in February and  want to stay warm, you can do a bunch of things. One of them is to visit an indoor salsa festival and dance like nobody’s watching.

Thing to do in Amsterdam | January 2016

It's 2016 already, time flies when you're having fun.

It's 2016 already, time flies when you're having fun. We bet you had some great parties and events to attend during the last days of the year, but now you're not sure what to do next. Don't worry, there are plenty of things to do in Amsterdam during the month of January.

An interview with Wernard Bruining

The Bulldog Times was published on December 17th. Especially for this newspaper we interviewed the greatest cannabis pioneers.

Wernard Bruining is a famous cannabis pioneer, he founded Mellow Yellow, started the first growshop and introduced the word ‘mediwiet’ (has a website and wrote books about medicinal cannabis oil).

Things to do in Amsterdam | December 2015

It's December! The best month if you are down for some good old fashioned fun ;) Check out what's on in Amsterdam

Picture: [Niels de Vries] Valhalla 2014

Great article on MJINews.com

The Bulldog: Building a Global Brand in the Cannabis Industry

We were very proud when we read this great article on www.MJINews.com! 


Things to do in Amsterdam | November 2015

It's November! Time for FUN ;) Check out some cool activities we have selected for you...

Picture: [facebook.com/unPlugPlay] unPLUG & PLAY