Christmas dinner in the church

20 December 2014 – Christmas time, isn't it magical? Well, unfortunately not for everyone... Some people have had a rough time in life and somehow ended up homeless. Their Christmases have a totally different vibe to it. Luckily there is The Salvation Army, which work hard to make sure that also the homeless are able to have a nice Christmas dinner.

Every year approximately 350 people in Amsterdam can still enjoy a nice warm, festive meal in the church. The Bulldog always attends to this event and contributes the necessary funds for making this possible. Besides that The Bulldog also feels for the underprivileged kids, so we make sure there is a Santa Claus who hands out gifts to the children.

Do you feel inspired to share your happiness? The Salvation Army needs all kinds of help, please visit www.salvationarmy.org to make a donation or to apply for other ways to help!