The DOGPARADE is an exhibition-tour of English and French bulldog sculptures (painted by famous Dutch artists), organized by Energy4All. This is a charity that is (among others) dedicated to collect money for research on medication for energy metabolism disorder. People who are born with this disorder have a so called ‘defective battery’, meaning that they are always tired.

The Bulldog Amsterdam sponsored the creation of ‘Bobby’, a giant English bulldog (1.20x1.60x1.80) painted by Gerdine Duijsens. When all the (28) bulldogs were transformed into pieces of art, the exhibition-tour through The Netherlands began. It started in Amsterdam where four employees of The Bulldog helped out the organization by taking the dogs out ‘for a walk’. We picked up some of the giant statues at Stopera, placed them on wheels and walked with them through the crowded streets of Amsterdam.

The exhibition-tour lasted a year and in May 2015 the dogs were up for auctions. All revenues from this auction were donated to the foundation Energy4All. Of course, we were there! We had to have Bobby... eventually The Bulldog Amsterdam bought four dogs. When the evening of the auction came to an end, they announced the amount of money raised. Mr. De Vries (owner of The Bulldog) was touched by the good cause and didn’t like the fact that the total amount wasn’t an even number, so… he jumped up and evened the number that second!

Would you like to know more about the foundation and how you can help? Go to Energy4All.

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Bobby in The Bulldog Palace - The DOGPARADE