The Livingroom of Amsterdam
26 November 2013

Have you recently passed Leidsebosje (next to Leidseplein)? Or are you planning to? Then pay attention! We have a huge display on a billboard there. Although we fully understand that you’ll want to see it yourself, we have included a photo of our advertisement. Hang on! What? Is that an ad? Yes. But not to sell you anything, just to tell you a little story…

This story starts in 1974, when Henk de Vries threw all the inherited inventory of his father’s sex shop in the canal. Armed with a top-notch location, progressive ideas, exceptional intuition and a good heart he created a place where everyone is welcome. A place where people can enjoy the privilege to be yourself: The Bulldog coffeeshop.

His wish was to build a livingroom. Not because he loved corny cuckoo-clocks, grubby carpets and landscape art. No, he wanted a hangout where people felt free and relaxed: at home.

Almost forty years later we know he succeeded. The Bulldog has grown, but his personality remained the same. The Bulldog is open-minded and accessible. He does what he can to make life easier or less difficult for others, simply because he has a sincere commitment to society. Being a guest of The Bulldog means being part of The Bulldog family.

A family who is non-judgemental, a family who has respect for each other’s culture, religion and beliefs. It means honouring the value of each individual, it means paying attention to each unique story. That’s being part of The Bulldog family. That’s being in the livingroom of Amsterdam.