Making cold winters warm

17 December 2014 – As you may already know, The Salvation Army holds a very special place in the heart of The Bulldog. Ever since the beginning of the company, we helped out this organization with several events and social projects. One of these projects involves the handing out a winter package to homeless people.

During the winter months The Salvation Army drives around with a so called ‘soup bus’, to make sure that every homeless person gets the opportunity to eat something. They receive a hot bowl of soup and two slices of bread with cheese and sausage.

A group of employees of The Bulldog help out during these soup bus tours, because we have compassion for the people on the street. We handed out knapsacks with several daily care products and something to keep them warm in the cold winter nights.

Do you feel inspired to share your happiness? The Salvation Army needs all kinds of help, please visit www.salvationarmy.org to make a donation or to apply for other ways to help!