Protected Birds of Indonesia
On one of Henks visits to Bali, he found several beautiful birds being kept in tiny cages and in need of a safe home. So Henk bought two Peacocks and two Cockatoo's and brought them to his property. Then Henk had some nice cages constructed for these lovely birds to be able to live comfortably and be well cared for. After doing some research on how best to care for the birds, Henk met Dr. Gede Nyoman Bayu Wirayudha, a reknowned veternarian in Bali, who was one of the founders of Friends of the National Park Foundation, website www.fnpf.org. Dr. Bayu was able to properly train Henks staff on the best methods of caring for the birds and also informed Henk that the Cockatoo's and Peacocks were illegal to own as they were endangered. The last thing Henk wanted was his new friends to be put in harms way, so he agreed to have the endangered birds taken to the Bird Park to be reintroduced to the wild in their natural habitat. Subsequently Henk has build an Aviary on the resort and is in the process of obtaining 20 birds of various breeds to showcase the beauty of Balanese birds. In the futue this Aviary will be used to breed endangered birds that would otherwise have little chance of fighting off extinction due to their value on the black market. Stay tuned for more information on the progress of the Cockatoo's and Peacock's journeys back to their natural habitat's!