The Salvation Army
12 December 2013

Picture: [Major Bosshardt], The Salvation Army

In our last blog we told you a little something about The Bulldog™ family, about our values that fit right in a livingroom. We told you about how we value our society, about how we do what we can to make life easier or less difficult for others. Simply because we think that everybody deserves a piece of happiness.
Ever since the birth of The Bulldog™, helping people was a big part of his existence. It even led to the creation of The Bulldog foundation. This foundation carries some beautiful charity projects, but The Salvation Army has a special place in our hearts.

"The God who loves me, also loves you."
These words, spoken by an unknown man in Rotterdam, changed many lives. It were these words that appealed Major Bosshardt to become a member of The Salvation Army. When Alida Bosshardt officially became a soldier of The Army in the early 30’s, she was sent to Rotterdam. Not for long though, one year later she leaves to work in the Jewish quarter in Amsterdam (child’s house “De Zonnehoek”). In 2004 she even received a Yad Vashem award for this period of her life; during the war, she continued her big-hearted activities and managed to house the seventy children of the home and other Jewish kids in hiding places.

Starting in the Red Light District
In 1948 Major Bosshardt was commissioned to start a Goodwill Center. Three years later she moved from the headquarters to The Red Light District, providing help to homeless people, drug addicts and prostitutes. She was also dedicated to help the children in the old center. This is how the father of The Bulldog™ family (Henk de Vries) met The Major at the age of six. She guided him and became his family guardian.

Maintaining and creating traditions
When Henk de Vries was just ten years old he started helping out at the Center. What all began with picking out clothes, ended up by donating as a tradition. Ever since the establishment of The Bulldog™, the social commitment runs through the veins of the entire company.
Some social projects were started by Major Bosshardt herself, The Bulldog™ family helps The Salvation Army to maintain these events. One of these traditions is contributing the necessary funds for the Christmas Dinners. Other projects are providing the Center with socks, underwear, toothpaste and soap for the homeless and disadvantaged families.

This time of year
When the winter arrives, so do the holidays. This time of year our social heart is beating faster. While we are celebrating, eating festive meals, curl up against the heater and exchange gifts, there are people around us who don’t have the privilege to enjoy that sort of luxury. That's not fair, is it? No, it’s not. We can’t stop thinking about the people who wander the streets in the freezing cold, we feel for the children who can’t get a Christmas present.
We wanted to help those people, so we did. We bought 500 stuffed animals, a load of gloves, scarves and hats and asked the members of The Bulldog™ family to volunteer. Earlier this week, we got together to wrap all the presents. We gave it to The Salvation Army to hand out to the people who need it.

We thank all of you who helped with this project. We thank all of you for sharing happiness.

Do you feel inspired to share your happiness? The Salvation Army needs all kinds of help, please visit www.salvationarmy.org to make a donation or to apply for other ways to help!