Sidyodtong Kick Boxing Camp

For many years Henk de Vries of The Bulldog has been visiting Thailand and also has great interest in Kick Boxing and Goodwill, he combined them to help Yodtong's Sityodtong Kick Boxing Camp.

One the first visit to the camp a donation was made for renovating the living quarters that Yodtong Senanan has been supplying food and accommodation for homeless children for many years.

Yodtong Senanan is the best and most well known teacher of Thai Boxing inside Thailand and around the world. He is and continues to be the individual most responsible for promoting Muay Thai to the world.
On the next visit Henk noticed that the renovations were completed, but extra work was done. He was told by Yodtong that he had won in the lottery with tickets purchased from some of the money intended for renovations. The owner had received over 300k in winnings but kept 20k and the rest was donated to help 1000’s in his community.

From Rob Kaman to Raymond Decker, anyone who is anyone in the Muay Thai world, has made the pilgrimage and have gone to Yodtong's camp Sityodtong, to learn from the master himself. It is more than just a training camp; it's a right of passage among foreign fighters that symbolizes that they have come of age in the Muay Thai world.
Yodtong Senanan's world famous Muay Thai Boxing Camp, Sityodtong, is situated one hundred and fifty kilometers south of Bangkok, just on the outskirts of the city of Pattaya.

Yodtong provides the boys in his gym with their every possible need, including food, accommodation, clothing and of course training. Although some fighters at his camp never become good Muay Thai fighters, Yodtong still lets them stay and continues to look after them. He believes it is his obligation to help the boys when they don't have anyone else to turn. to.