The Netherlands

Woman’s beauty day

14 April 2015 - Every year The Salvation Army organizes a holiday for approximately 70 women from Amsterdam who are not that lucky in life. The reasons are diverse, but the stories are all equally heartbreaking. During this holiday these woman can feel lucky and happy, all thanks to The Salvation Army. The Bulldog Amsterdam loves to contribute to that happiness.

Making cold winters warm

17 December 2014 – As you may already know, The Salvation Army holds a very special place in the heart of The Bulldog. Ever since the beginning of the company, we helped out this organization with several events and social projects. One of these projects involves the handing out a winter package to homeless people.


In the summer of 2014 The Bulldog Amsterdam sponsored a project called ARTZUID JUNIOR. This is an art and education project, which connects youth with art through a design contest. For this project talented students got the chance to work with professional artists to create sculptures for public spaces. It started in 2014, as part of the 150th anniversary celebration of the Vondelpark.


The DOGPARADE is an exhibition-tour of English and French bulldog sculptures (painted by famous Dutch artists), organized by Energy4All. This is a charity that is (among others) dedicated to collect money for research on medication for energy metabolism disorder. People who are born with this disorder have a so called ‘defective battery’, meaning that they are always tired.

The Bulldog Mack serves meals to the Salvation Army

Ever since the opening of The Bulldog Mack, the establishment also contributes to society. This cafe is located in the center of the Red Light District and helps people in need from this neighborhood.

The Bulldog Mack serves meals to the less fortunate through The Salvation Army. Every other Tuesday The Mack family prepares dinner for the homeless in the Center. Fifteen to twenty men come together for a cozy gathering and to enjoy a nice hot meal.

Bulldogs Online

Bulldogs Online Foundation was established on March 25th 2001. This gives them a large amount of experience of finding new homes for abandoned or mistreated English Bulldogs in the Netherlands. The Foundation is staffed by volunteers and is a non-profit operator.

The Bulldog donations yearly articles to be sold or auctioned at public events. Bulldogs Online rescues bulldogs from owners which neglect or have abandoned them. Do you want to help out, check the information underneath...

Salvation Army Goodwill Tradition

The founder of The Bulldog, Henk de Vries has been donating as a standard tradition for over 30 years to the Salvation Army in the Red Light District. A tradition of events that were started by Majoor Bosshardt 48 years ago. The donation ensures that the Centre receives the necessary funds to have Christmas Dinners and supply bi-weekly dinners in 2012 for the women from neighbourhood. To supply for group transportation of Centre users going on holidays in Lunteren. For the homeless & sick, a supply of new socks, underwear, toothpaste, soap, etc. for the Centre to hand.