Woman’s beauty day

14 April 2015 - Every year The Salvation Army organizes a holiday for approximately 70 women from Amsterdam who are not that lucky in life. The reasons are diverse, but the stories are all equally heartbreaking. During this holiday these woman can feel lucky and happy, all thanks to The Salvation Army. The Bulldog Amsterdam loves to contribute to that happiness.

Tuesday April the 14th (2015) we left early from the big city with a group of female employees (only women allowed), and headed out deep into the relaxing woods. When we arrived, the ladies were all very excited about having us and, of course, we were happy to be there! Because well, what we learned from previous years, these women are fun!

After a nice cup of coffee, we started the beauty day. Some colleagues were doing nail art, others gave manicures and pedicures, there was a hairdresser and someone did the make-up of the ladies. We pampered, talked and laughed. We were touched by their amazing life stories, but mainly we were entertained with their sparkle for life.

We ended the evening with a lovely dinner together. After dinner we handed out gifts to end the evening, every lady received a cosmetic bag with some beauty products in it.

We enjoyed every minute of this day and all their happiness. Looking forward to next year.