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Let’s get tropical!

It doesn’t get more tropical than a cool cocktail in your hand by the beach of an island in the Caribbean. And that’s exactly what you can expect at The Bulldog Aruba. Add in our very own living room atmosphere and you get a unique combination: The Bulldog Caribbean style! So sit back and remember the only thing you have to do while you’re here: relax.

The Bulldog Aruba looks a little different from our usual settings, but it feels exactly the same, full of good vibes, plenty of laughter and music to chill to. And with our amazing patio, there’s always a spot for you in the sun.

Whether you’re looking to party, grab a bite or even get some breakfast, you’ve come to the right place. Join us at our colourful bar for one of our amazing cocktails and shakes or get your hands on an ice cold beer, our star bartenders got you covered.

Our staff are always looking to give you a fun time, so come try your luck at party games like beer pong or make a complete fool of yourself at one of our karaoke nights. No worries if you’re not that keen on singing yourself, because we often have amazing bands and DJs performing at night.

Experience the Caribbean

The Bulldog Aruba is perfectly located in the popular Paseo Herencia Mall, in Palm Beach on the Northwestern tip of the island. The beach itself is a short walk away, so we’re there for you if you’ve been for a swim to get a drink and a bite.

And before you leave, don’t forget to have a look at the various The Bulldog products in our shop to find that special souvenir of your stay in this tropical paradise!

Get to know The Bulldog Aruba

When it comes to looks, our Cocktail Bar Aruba couldn’t be more different from our famous bars and coffeeshops in Amsterdam. It’s set up completely in the warm and vibrant Caribbean style. But when it comes to feels, it’s the same The Bulldog you know and love. Good vibes and a living room atmosphere.

A former manager of our coffeeshop The First moved to the island with his Aruban wife. Captured by the island’s beauty and Caribbean vibes, he soon decided to start a new The Bulldog location across the ocean.

Our cocktail bar is located in the popular district of Palm Beach, in the northwest of the island. You can find us in the Paseo Herencia Mall, the perfect place for fun and shopping, right by the beach.

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