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The Bulldog Bud Bomb Wood

€ 8,50

The Bulldog 3 piece Rosewood Bud Bomb with hand carved logo of The Bulldog, with beautiful detail and light weight. Easy assembly for cleaning.

The Bulldog Bud Bomb Wood is a hand carved bong with a beautiful detailed logo of The Bulldog. A light weight bomb that is made up from three Rosewood pieces. A three piece bud bomb makes for easy assembly and cleaning. The Bulldog Bud Bomb Wood is 10cm in length. You know there are so many types of pipes or bongs on the market but a classic wooden pipe is almost old school. You can easily use your bud bomb in all types of weather, wind and rain don't matter. Post a photo of your The Bulldog Bud Bomb Wood in a funky place tagged with #thebulldog. We are an Amsterdam based company with Coffeeshops, Bars, Brandstores and a Hotel in Amsterdam. Our international locations include a Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant in Rome, Social Clubs in Barcelona and Ibiza, Hotel with Grand Cafe/Restaurant and vacation homes on Silver Star Mountain (Canada) and last but not least a tropical Cocktail Bar in Aruba.
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