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420 GEAR

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All you need for a good smoke

We know what you like. And we have the products you need to make it happen. With half a century of coffeeshop experience, the world of cannabis holds no secrets for us. You can buy our official The Bulldog rolling papers, filters and grinders to roll yourself a great joint at home or with friends.

But that’s not all, because just like in our coffeeshops we can help you out with all aspects of smoking. Get yourself some ready-to-fill cones if you’re not the best at rolling (or simply too lazy to do it) or buy a bong or a pipe to smoke in style. Whatever you prefer, you simply light them up with our cool looking lighters. And what better place to drop your ashes than a The Bulldog ashtray? Saving it for later? Then take a look at our smart looking pouches and boxes. Enjoy!

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