Metal 4Part Grinder

€ 17,90

The Bulldog 4Part metal grinder has  diamond shaped  teeth for a fine grind.

Same dog, different style
The Bulldog Metal 4Part Grinder has diamond shaped teeth for a smooth grind and has a stash compartment. The grinder has a matt metal finish with a full size detailed engraved The Bulldog head (copyright) on the lid. The Bulldog Metal 4Part Grinder is 50mm in diameter. It is a lightweight grinder with magnetic closure. Pyramid shaped teeth effortlessly shred and grind your material into the desired texture. Post a photo of your Metal 4Part Grinder in a funky place tagged with #thebulldog. We are an Amsterdam based company with Coffeeshops, Bars, Brandstores and a Hotel in Amsterdam. Our international locations include a Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant in Rome, Social Clubs in Barcelona and Ibiza, Hotel with Grand Cafe/Restaurant and vacation homes on Silver Star Mountain (Canada) and last but not least a tropical Cocktail Bar in Aruba.
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