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The Bulldog x MaryMill Grinder

€ 23,00

The MaryMill is a storage and grinder combination, branded with The Bulldog logo.

The Weedmill from MaryMill is a storage and grinder combination in one. The product comes in Blue and is branded with our logo. The combination of the grinder and the storage work like a pepper mill which makes it very easy to grind your product. The Weedmill comes with two lids. One will turn it into a smellproof storage. And another for a stand-alone grinder. The lids together form a tiny storage. Perfect for when on the go. The Weedmill consists of ten parts made from four different materials. The outer parts are made of >66% recycled polypropylene for flexibility and robustness. The knives are made from a material as strong as metal to remain sharpness for years. The material for the slide and base for the knives has been specifically selected to ensure long term smooth operation. The thread for connecting the Weedmill and storage is made from an enforced material for an extra tight connection.
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