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The Bulldog x Zippo High Polish Teal

€ 59,90

The Bulldog x Zippo High Polish Teal is a collaboration between the famous coffeeshop in Amsterdam and the classic lighter company.

Same dog, different style
We are proud to made available for you a classic windproof Zippo lighter. Beautiful laser application to enhance our recognisable logo, be bold and show off your lighter anytime you can. The Zippo is refillable with lighter fuel, which is not included in the lighter and sold separately but not via The Bulldog. It is a bit of a problem shipping flammable or explosive products. Made in The U.S.A. 30-year warranty, under the motto "always works, otherwise repair for free ("it works or we fix it free™"). Contact for defect Zippo (please forward to them directly): Zippo European Repair Clinic Groendahlscher way 87, D-46446 Emmerich on the Rhine, Germany (Repairs last around 3-4 Weeks. Will be sent back for free to the customer)
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