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this is a Rolling Paper & Tips Ibiza

Rolling Paper & Tips Ibiza

€ 2,00 - € 30,00

The Bulldog Rolling Paper & Tips Ibiza is a quality paper made with natural Arabic gum.

The Bulldog Rolling Paper & Tips Ibiza is a quality king size slim paper made with natural Arabic gum. Thirty three filters with a size of 55x25mm will give you enough to cover all 32 sheets in the booklet. This is a limited collectors rolling paper package to celebrate the opening of the Ibiza location. Post a photo of your Rolling Paper & Tips Ibiza in a funky place tagged with #thebulldogamsterdam, to qualify for a monthly draw of wonderful prizes. If you are a collector you can also add the other rolling papers from The Bulldog to your collection. When you are in Amsterdam just drop by any of our three brand stores and have a look in person. Choose from other The Bulldog merchandise such as the rubber logo magnet and metal magnets fun themed. The Bulldog is an Amsterdam based international company with coffeeshops, bars, merchandise stores and a hotel in Amsterdam. International locations include a cocktail lounge and restaurant in Rome, Social clubs in Barcelona and Ibiza, a hotel with grand cafe/restaurant and vacation homes on Silver Star Mountain (Canada) and last but not least a tropical cocktail bar in Aruba. The Bulldog also trades through distribution with smoker related paraphernalia, energy-drink, iced-coffee and street-wear apparel.
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