The Bulldog Snapback Cap

€ 29,90

The Bulldog Snapback Cap is a stylish and hip cap with a full colour Original 2D logo on the front. One size fits all.

The Bulldog Snapback Cap is a one size fits all. Great fit and is a perfect addition to any cap collection. The design on the inside of the cap is reffering to the painting of Harold Leslie Thornton, at the iconic building of The Bulldog First. The Bulldog Snapback Cap Black is now an icon amongst caps, recognised by many to be that cap to have. You can wear it sitting to the side, pointed to the back like baseball catchers. This cap can also be brought to the beach, where it will keep the sun out of your eyes. If black isn’t your thing you can pick another colour or decide on getting something completely different, maybe sunglasses. Post a photo of your cap in a funky place tagged with #thebulldogamsterdam, to qualify for a monthly draw of wonderful prizes. The Bulldog is an Amsterdam based international company with coffeeshops, bars, merchandise stores and a hotel in Amsterdam. International locations include a cocktail lounge and restaurant in Rome, Social clubs in Barcelona and Ibiza, a hotel with grand cafe/restaurant and vacation homes on Silver Star Mountain (Canada) and last but not least a tropical cocktail bar in Aruba. The Bulldog also trades through distribution with smoker related paraphernalia, energy-drink, iced-coffee and street-wear apparel.
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