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High Cuisine High Cocktails

Enjoy self-made uplifting cocktails at home with High Cocktails, a recipe book dedicated to creating your very own non-alcoholic mixed drinks, powered by High Cuisine and The Bulldog. Each recipe is powered by natural psychoactive ingredients, for exciting flavours and a nice buzz. Get a copy

Non-alcoholic cocktails with a kick

The market for non-alcoholic cocktails – or mocktails – has been growing rapidly in bars around the world. Mixologists are getting better at creating delicious cocktails without the use of alcohol, but these mocktails lack the kick of a regular cocktail. High Cocktails brings you the best of both worlds: cocktails that contain no alcohol but still give you a pleasant buzz.

For this book, Noah Tucker and Anthony Joseph (the creative geniuses behind High Cuisine) and The Bulldog have worked together with some of the world’s most talented mixologists. They added their skills and know-how to create mind-blowing cocktail recipes you can make yourself. You’ll be an expert on psychoactive mixed drinks in no time!

Even when you’re not mixing drinks, High Cocktails is a great read, with pages full of fascinating insights and beautiful photography. Excited to start making your own psychoactive cocktails?
You can easily order a copy of High Cocktails here.

What you want to know about High Cocktails

There are 20 recipes for psychoactive non-alcoholic cocktails included in High Cocktails, as well as expert insights on psychoactive plants and portraits of the world’s top mixologists.

Yes, we’ve used only psychoactive organic ingredients to give a pleasant buzz to our non-alcoholic cocktails.

You can order High Cocktails directly from our website. Visit our online store to get yourself a copy.


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