The Bulldog Palace

The ultimate April Fools’ prank

The Bulldog Palace is one of the best places in Amsterdam for a drink, a bite to eat and a party. Once a lion’s den for Henk de Vries, the former police-station is now a popular Grand Café on the always lively Leidseplein square. The historic building is a great place to meet, where you can sit down for drinks or a good meal. And at night, DJs take the stage as the bar becomes a night club.

The Palace started out as the ultimate April Fools’ prank. Henk de Vries opened the bar on April Fools’ day in 1985 and of course nobody believed at first that the former police-station had become a bar and coffeeshop. Nowadays, the Palace is a popular destination for people to hang out, where you can still see remnants of when the police were in charge here and Henk himself had to sit behind bars.

It’s a restaurant, bar and nightclub at the same time, offering a wide array of experiences, from karaoke nights (every Tuesday!) to live sport matches on the big screen and from tropical cocktails at the bar to scrumptious dinners.

Something for everyone

As you walk into the Palace, you’ll immediately get a taste of the vibrant atmosphere. The monumental elements of the building are intertwined with iconic features like the doghead bar and cow-leather seats. There’s always something going on and no matter the time of day, there’s music to set the mood.

You’ll see people from all walks of life coming together to chat, eat, drink and, of course, have a party. Even celebrities love hanging out here, from Madonna to Rihanna and from Snoop Dogg to Lil Nas X.

Most of our staff have been working here since the early years, so they can tell you plenty a story about the Palace’s fascinating history and wild parties.

What's next at The Palace?

Get to know The Bulldog Palace

Believe it or not, but the Palace used to a police-station. Henk de Vries pulled the ultimate prank on the Amsterdam police when he opened his new bar and coffeeshop in their former headquarters.

The Palace opened on April Fools’ day in 1985. That was no coincidence, as Henk de Vries knew that no one in Amsterdam would believe The Bulldog had really moved into their former lion’s den.

The Palace takes pride of place on the popular Leidseplein. Whether you’re sightseeing in Amsterdam or enjoying the exciting nightlife, it’s always well worth a visit. And don’t forget to check out our adjacent coffeeshop and brand store.

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