The Bulldog Mack

The best British pub outside of the UK

The Bulldog Mack is the perfect place to learn about the colourful history of the Amsterdam Red Light District. Come in and join us at the bar of the best pub outside of the UK! We’ve got you covered for drinks, delicious food and the classic living room experience where everybody’s welcome and there’s always someone to talk to or laugh with.

The Mack is a sight to behold! The place is beautifully decorated in the distinct style of an English pub, but with a special The Bulldog coating. Details like breathtaking stained glass features, our doghead bar and cow-leather seats contribute to our one of a kind living room atmosphere.

As you would imagine of a pub, The Bulldog Mack is the best place in the Red Light District to grab a pint of Heineken or Guinness. There’s a pool table and plenty of places to sit and enjoy yourselves. Whenever there’s a big sports game being broadcast, you can always come and watch it with us on the big screen. During the summer months, you can even sit outside by the water to get some sun and watch the crowds pass by.

If you’re feeling hungry, we’ve got just the thing to suit your craving. Try our bitterballs, the famous Dutch snack (also as a vegan option), or order some proper pub grub like fish & chips or our delicious burgers. You can even start the day here with a full English breakfast!

A tribute to the Amsterdam Red Light District

Like many of our locations, The Bulldog Mack is located in the heart of the Amsterdam Red Light District. It’s a tribute to this neighbourhood, lovingly called ‘De Wallen’ or ‘De Walletjes’ in Dutch. From the very start it served as a place where we could offer people from the neighbourhood a warm meal and a safe space, in close cooperation with the Salvation Army.

That’s why the walls in the Mack are covered with pictures of famous and less famous people who’ve added colour and life to this neighbourhood, from famous prostitute ‘Parijse Leen’ to the local greengrocer. And of course the De Vries family who played a major role in making the Red Light District what it is today.

Being in the Red Light District, you never have to look far for a great time. A stone’s throw away is our iconic coffeeshop The First and our brand store, where you can buy our latest The Bulldog products. Looking for a place to sleep? The Bulldog Hotel Amsterdam is close by to offer you a unique sleeping experience in the heart of the Red Light District.

What's next at the Mack?

Get to know The Bulldog Mack

The Mack owes its name to the iconic truck manufacturer Mack, since they use a bulldog in their logo as well.

The Bulldog Mack was established on May 5th in 1983.

The Bulldog Mack lies in the heart of the Amsterdam Red Light District, between our coffeeshops First and Energy and The Bulldog Hotel Amsterdam.

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