The Bulldog Rockshop

Rock & Relax

Feel the nostalgia and the love for 70s rock at The Bulldog Rockshop. This coffeeshop is a cozy shop where you can get away from the crowds and the noise of the city. Relax and enjoy our products in the recently renovated shop between relics of the heroes of classic rock music.

At first, The Bulldog Rockshop was a little different from what it is now. From its opening in 1993 up to 2007, it was actually a mix between a bar and a coffeeshop, which is not allowed anymore.

Our Rockshop is a great place for people who are eager to experience the Living Room of Amsterdam, but prefer a more intimate setting. You’re always welcome to talk to our staff, who are the perfect hosts. They are experienced and trained to ensure your first experience with the world of cannabis is nothing less than positive and pleasant.

Your first stop in Amsterdam

The Bulldog Rockshop is only a seven minutes’ walk from the Amsterdam Central Station, which makes it a perfect first stop on your visit to this amazing city. You’ll get a taste of iconic The Bulldog elements, like our cow-leather seats and our dog head bar. Indoors you can already try and buy some of our The Bulldog clothing products to really look the part during your stay.

But take a look around and you’ll see what makes the Rockshop unique. Hanging off the walls are guitars that used to belong to iconic names like David Bowie and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and golden records of rock legends. The biggest eye-catcher is the drum kit watching over the coffeeshop from up high. And of course the mood is set by classic rock music playing in the background.

In the summer months our patio is the great place for some vitamin D. The Rockshop sits in the famous Jordaan neighbourhood, next to the Haarlemmerstraat, often voted the best place for shopping in Amsterdam, and the classic canals. You also look out on a sluice in the canal, where you can enjoy watching the tour boats struggle to make the turn.

Get to know The First

The 30th of April of 1993 was the day that we started offering our perfect blend of rock & relax in The Bulldog Rockshop.

Henk wanted to make his new coffeeshop into a tribute to the rock era, with rock memorabilia on display and rock music playing through the speakers.

The Bulldog Rockshop is very close to the Amsterdam Central Station. It’s in the Jordaan neighbourhood, right in the middle of the Haarlemmerstraat and the Nieuwendijk, two major shopping streets.

Our coffeeshop products

What better way to strengthen The Bulldog™ experience than having a private label for smoker products? Exactly! Not long after shocking the world with something that has now become quite normal, the growth was ensured by producing smoker products

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