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If you want to experience the real Amsterdam coffeeshop, The Bulldog is what you’re looking for. Here you’ll find not only high-quality products and a friendly and experienced staff, but also a unique living room atmosphere where everyone is welcome to relax.

The Bulldog has played a key role in the history of coffeeshops and cannabis consumption. You can really see and feel our rich history in our coffeeshops, even as you’re relaxing and enjoying our great produce.

There’s always a place for you to feel at home in our coffeeshops. Enjoy the energy and warmth of the Red Light District and the Leidseplein square or escape the crowds for a little peace and quiet outside the city centre; it’s all possible at The Bulldog!

Friendly staff with tons of experience

Quality produce and tasty snacks

Different settings for different tastes

Comfortable seats to relax and enjoy

Come for the products, stay for the atmosphere

Open to anyone, non-smokers as well

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