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At all our brand stores you can get your hands on exclusive The Bulldog products, but there’s something special about Brand Store The First. Here you won’t find anyone behind the counter, because you can do it yourself by using our vending machines.


Brand Store The First is fully automatic thanks to our ingenious vending machine system. You can get all of our exclusive products, even clothes, from the vending machines. It works pretty much the same as any vending machine, only instead of candy bar or soda there’s The Bulldog merch inside waiting for you.

The Brand Store is right next to our iconic coffeeshop The First (hence the name) in the Amsterdam Red Light District, making it the perfect place to buy some The Bulldog gear as you leave. The entrance of the store is beautifully painted in the same vibrant style as the coffeeshop, so it’s hard to miss it as you’re walking along the canals.


Get to know Brand Store The First

Coincidentally, our brand store is located right next door to the coffeeshop with the same name. So try to keep a clear enough head and remember to get yourself some cool items when you leave there.


You can find a lot of our exclusive products in the brand store, but it’s impossible to stock the vending machines with our collections. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always walk a little further along the canal towards our main brand store or order it online from our webshop.



What are you looking for?

Besides our many coffeeshops and cafés, we have an extensive line of exclusive The Bulldog products. From a cool hoodie to keep you warm or a bag to carry your stuff around with you during your stay, we’ve got it. You can also find plenty of unique collectables from your time at our coffeeshop. And we wouldn’t be The Bulldog if you wouldn’t be able to buy fresh 420 gear from us, of only the finest quality.

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