The Bulldog Energy

Relive the spirit of the 90s in a magical setting 

The Bulldog Energy is a coffeeshop like no other. Descend from the historic Amsterdam canals into a vibrant cave full of magical lights, high-tempo music and good vibes. Get into the mood with our herbal smoothies and feel the energy of techno & house music flow through your body and lift your spirit.

Inside The Bulldog Energy it feels like you’ve ended up in a fairytale world, complete with troll figures smiling down on you. Here you have everything you know and love from our classic coffeeshops, but in an entirely different setting. You won’t find our well-known cow-leather seats and brick walls, but instead you’ll sit on rustic seats at magically lit wooden tables from Indonesia.

The coffeeshop opened its doors in 1992. The idea for an energy coffeeshop was inspired by cans of energy drink at an Austrian gas station during a ski trip. At first, it was more of a smartshop, where you could buy magical mushrooms and herbal mixes. Later our inventory became more similar to that of our other coffeeshops, but what stayed unique was the energetic atmosphere.

Full of energy inside and out

The Bulldog Energy is located in the heart of the Amsterdam Red Light District, right next door to The Bulldog Hotel Amsterdam. You can even look inside from the coffeeshop through the glass of our aquarium.

From March until November our outside terrace is the perfect reason to come out of your cave and bathe in the sun. There you can relax at the side of the iconic Amsterdam canal, where you can watch the boats and people pass you by.

Inside or out, you can sit back and enjoy the energy while our skilled staff bring you your orders. They are always happy to tell you more about our products or the history of our coffeeshop. And the great thing is, you can even order food from the hotel while sitting at the Energy patio

Get to know The Bulldog Energy

The Bulldog Energy first opened in January 1992. You can still feel the free spirit of the 90s inside with classic techno & house music and good vibes.

On a skiing trip to Austria, Henk and his friends stopped at a gas station where they saw cans of energy drink. Combined with the energy of the 90s the idea was born for The Bulldog Energy, as well as our very own energy drink.


You can find The Bulldog Energy in the Amsterdam Red Light District, at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 218. It’s actually right next to our The Bulldog Hotel Amsterdam, so you can first relax at Energy before crashing for the night at the world’s first 5-star hostel.


Our coffeeshop products

What better way to strengthen The Bulldog™ experience than having a private label for smoker products? Exactly! Not long after shocking the world with something that has now become quite normal, the growth was ensured by producing smoker products

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