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No visit to the Leidseplein square is complete without a pit stop at our Brand Store Palace. Gear up on The Bulldog products, from our exclusive and fashionable clothing to the best branded 420 gear and cool collectables.


The Leidseplein square is a cultural hotspot in Amsterdam, drawing many visitors. Our coffeeshop The Bulldog Ex-Police Station and our Grand Café Palace are perfect to relax for a while. There’s a crazy story behind it, as the building once housed a police headquarters.

Only a short while ago, the Brand Store underwent a major renovation, which gave the store a completely new look and feel, similar to The Bulldog Brand Store Main. Come and see for yourself what we did to the place, you’ll be amazed!

The Bulldog Brand Store Palace is right next door. So if you’re just coming from our coffeeshop and looking to enjoy our products at home, we’re only a couple steps away. We also have a large collection of The Bulldog collectables and you can try on our very own The Bulldog clothing.




Get to know Brand Store Palace

The store is located directly on the famous Leidseplein square, right next to our coffeeshop and Grand Café.



We have most of our products on display at the store. However, we only have a selection of our clothing here. You can find more in our webshop or at our flagship store.



What are you looking for?

Looking for some cool new clothes or handy accessories? We’ve got it! Eager to show off your unique Amsterdam collectables to your friends at home? We’ve got it! Exclusive 420 gear to serve all your smoking needs? Of course we’ve got it!

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