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You know our coffeeshops, but if you’re craving for a proper bite to eat or a cold beer to quench your thirst, you’ve got to stop by one of our bars. Here you’ll find the same living room atmosphere and friendly staff, together with great food for any time of day, a wide choice of drinks and good music.

If you’re looking for a new addition to your bucket list, visiting our cafés around the world makes a nice challenge. You can find our delicious menu and living room atmosphere not only in Amsterdam, we’re also waiting for you in beautiful Rome, tropical Aruba and in the snowy-white mountains of Canada.

Feast your eyes on our menu to see our mouth-watering meals and snacks. We’ve got everything to tickle your taste buds, from typical Dutch snacks or a light lunch to hearty breakfasts and scrumptious dinners. And when you’re getting thirsty, we’ve got just the stuff to wash it down: delicious beers like Heineken and Guinness, a great selection of wines, quality spirits and cocktails and of course non-alcoholic drinks as well, including our revolutionary High Cuisine elixirs

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