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Our cozy little shop in the harbour

Escape the crowds of the busy centre of Amsterdam and discover the fascinating Port of Amsterdam. At coffeeshop The Bulldog Port you can enjoy our products and relax right next to impressive cargo ships and million-dollar yachts. So come drop your anchor here for a fun time in a unique setting. And did you know the unusual background story to the opening of this coffeeshop?

The Bulldog Port was born under special circumstances. The Amsterdam city council wanted to distribute its coffeeshops more evenly, not just in the city centre. To make this possible they gave coffeeshop owners the opportunity to exchange a shop in the centre for a new location. The Bulldog did its part for the community and accepted to leave our coffeeshop Lounge in the Spuistraat for a new location in the Port of Amsterdam.

It may have taken a little getting used to since opening in April 2015, but many people have already fallen in love with our cozy coffeeshop in the harbour. You can sit down on our famous cow-leather seats while you’re enjoying our quality produce and during the summer months it’s even better to sit outside on our patio by the water and watch the ships in the harbour.

Your getaway from the busy city

Unlike our other coffeeshops in Amsterdam The Bulldog Port is not in the city centre, but it’s still easy to find it. The Port of Amsterdam is perfectly accessible by train, but thanks to our spacious parking lot you can easily come by car as well. Plus: parking here is free!

This location is perfect if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air after visiting the city centre. And if you’re looking for lunch or dinner, The Bulldog Harbour Grand Café is right next door. There you’ll find an enormous sunlit patio overlooking the tranquil waters. Our Grand Café is not only perfect for lunch or a quick snack, but also for dinner and events, like a wedding party or an office barbecue.

Get to know the Port

To help the city council in distributing the city’s coffeeshops more evenly we left our coffeeshop The Bulldog Lounge in the Spuistraat behind Dam square to open a new location outside the city centre. We chose Westpoort harbour (the Port of Amsterdam) as our new location to still offer our guests something special.

We set up shop in April 2015, so there’s still a lot to history to make here.

In The Bulldog Port you can only get space cake and snacks or sweets from the vending machine. If you’re into a proper meal, it’s only one door away at our Grand Café The Bulldog Harbour.


Our coffeeshop products

What better way to strengthen The Bulldog™ experience than having a private label for smoker products? Exactly! Not long after shocking the world with something that has now become quite normal, the growth was ensured by producing smoker products

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