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High Cuisine Kratombucha

Get ready for a new drinking sensation. Kratombucha is the non-alcoholic drink that will still give you a nice tingle, great for an alcohol-free night out. It fuses the funky flavour of Kombucha with the stimulating powers of the Kratom plant.
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The drink with a buzz

The Bulldog and High Cuisine teamed up to create a drink that is unique in just about every way. We balanced the flavour and the power of Kratom to find the sweet spot between smooth taste and a great, euphoric feeling.

There’s nothing quite like Kratombucha, but you might compare it with a beer. It’s easy to drink and gives you a happy feeling, but without the alcohol. Like alcohol, Kratombucha is best consumed in moderation and in general three drinks will give you the best feeling, but this varies from person to person.

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What you want to know about this Kratombucha

Kratombucha is a new kind of drink, it is a combination of a traditional Kombucha with extracts from the bald of the plant Kratom.

The research team of High Cuisine has been researching the effects of special plants and herbs on the body for over 5 years. After our chefs combined this with haute cuisine on several occasions, we began to explore other combinations. The non-alcoholic beverage market has been growing rapidly for some time, from the rise of 0.0% beer to large luxury mocktail (virgin cocktails) bars in the US. We saw the opportunity to use our knowledge to develop a non-alcoholic drink with plant-based ingredients, that you still feel. After a long development process funded by The Bulldog with many tastings, tests and legal checks, the plant Kratom emerged as the winner as an active ingredient, in combination with the hip and healthy Kombucha drink.

Dozens of people participated in the creation of the drink. In the research and development process, we worked with professors and scholars of botany. After we determined the direction of the drink, our chefs worked with an external specialist, Joost Jansen of NixMixMee, in soft drink development to choose the flavour profiles. After we were satisfied with the taste and effect, we partnered with several laboratories to research the best extraction method for the Kratom and which flavours lend themselves to the drink on a larger production scale. Next, an outside factory was hired where the potions were bottled and pasteurised for a long shelf life. Finally, the drinks were tested by a legally accredited laboratory for nutritional values that can also be found on the label, which passed the Koagkag (check of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) for approval.

In low doses Kratom can produce opioid- and stimulant-like effects. In higher doses, Kratom has a narcotic effect. In certain areas of Thailand, Kratom is used by a large part of the population as a stimulant. They do not make tea from Kratom powder, but chew on the leaves in order to ingest the active substances from the plant.

The effects set in after about 20 to 30 minutes and last about 2 to 4 hours, depending on the dose.

As with alcohol, the rule is “enjoy, but drink in moderation. With excessive use, Kratom can be both physically and mentally addictive, but this is not common. Overdosing can also cause nausea and headaches. Do not combine it with alcohol or drugs and do not drive vehicles after consumption. It is not suitable for pregnant women, people with medical conditions or those taking (anti-depressant) medication.


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