The Bulldog Hotel Amsterdam


Nothing is normal, everything is comfortable

Spend the night in style in The Bulldog Hotel Amsterdam. Get the full Red Light District experience, as you’re staying just a stone’s throw away from iconic The Bulldog locations The Mack and The First.

No matter if you’re backpacking across Europe with friends or if you prefer some more luxury; we’ve always got a room that suits you. Try our affordable 8-12 bed dorms for that classic hostel feeling or add a touch of class to your stay with one of our hotel rooms, for 2 to 4 persons.

But of course there’s much more to do than just staying in your room. You’re welcome to join us at our impressive lounge bar, where you can chill, drink and smoke (no tobacco) in the relaxed and friendly living room atmosphere which The Bulldog is known and loved for. And if you could do with some fresh air, why not climb up to our rooftop terrace?

Get busy and shoot some pool while you’re shooting the crap or try your luck at the game table. Our Red Light Jazz podium regularly features some great musicians and in Summer make sure you book a trip on The Bulldog Boat for a unique view of the Amsterdam canals.

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