The Bulldog Aruba: The Party Must Go On

After five years of partying and good times, we are moving, and our search for a new Aruba location is on. We will deep dive into the island's entertainment district for the best place to dance the night away. 
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Five years: The Bulldog Aruba

How time flies when you’re in the sun? It has been five years since The Bulldog Aruba opened its doors, and we loved every minute. Cocktails, parties, karaoke, DJs, and live bands made us a must-visit for island tourists and locals. Maybe we even met you there?

However, as you probably know, the last five years have not been without its challenges. Like the rest of the hospitality industry, The Bulldog Aruba was hit hard by Covid-19 restrictions. We didn’t let this get us down, though. We knew our legions of fans of The Bulldog like you would be straight back into our bars and restaurants when allowed. That’s why The Bulldog will be back on Aruba soon.

The Bulldog on a Tropical Island

If you’ve been to our venues before, you’ve experienced the uniqueness of our living room feel. Who wouldn’t want to recreate the Living Room of Amsterdam on a tropical sun-kissed island? When we re-open in Aruba, it might look slightly different from our other venues in Amsterdam, Rome, or Barcelona, but it will feel just like them. It will be a home-from-home, one in which everyone is welcome. We can’t wait to meet you there!

What to Expect from The New Bulldog Aruba

Some things will always stay the same, so you can still expect us to deliver the perfect blend of the Caribbean way of life, good cocktails and the famous vibrant living room atmosphere. One big difference between the new and old Bulldog Aruba will be the hours it’s open for business. Due to the location of the first one, we could only open from 5 pm to 1 am. That will change with the new venue, and the party will start earlier and go on longer.

The Bulldog Family

The Bulldog is a family, and while it is always a sad moment when a venue closes, we are excited to raise a glass to the future and all the challenges it will bring. Stay updated with all the latest news from The Bulldog Aruba by following @TheBulldogAruba. This rebel with a heart of gold will be back there soon. We hope to see you there.


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