The Bulldog x LFDY

We’re beyond stoked to unveil our epic collaboration with the one and only Live Fast Die Young streetwear brand.
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Introducing an electrifying collaboration between two powerhouse brands: The Bulldog and LFDY. This dynamic partnership brings together The Bulldog’s iconic status as a global leader in cannabis culture and LFDY’s cutting-edge streetwear aesthetic, renowned for its urban flair and uncompromising quality.

In this exclusive line, expect a fusion of innovative designs, bold statements, and premium craftsmanship. From street-ready apparel to accessories, each piece embodies the rebellious spirit and distinct identity of both brands, creating a collection that transcends boundaries and celebrates individuality.

Stay tuned as we unveil this groundbreaking collaboration, set to redefine the intersection of cannabis culture and street fashion. Get ready to elevate your style game with The Bulldog x LFDY, where authenticity meets innovation in every stitch and detail.

The LFDY x The Bulldog Capsule Collection will launch April 6, 2024, 11 AM (CEST) and is available in all LFDY stores or shop directly online by clicking here.


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