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Making an impact on Pattaya

Henk de Vries, The Bulldog’s founder, has a very hands-on approach. He always goes out to make an impact directly where it’s needed, like in Pattaya.


The Pattaya Orphanage

Henk was visiting the city of Pattaya in Thailand when he came across an orphanage that was in desperate need of help. The children there were lacking in basic necessities like beds, blankets and clothing. They didn’t even have toys to play with.

He was asked to make a donation, but Henk’s philosophy is that he never donates to a collection box. Instead he gives money directly where it’s needed or he buys things to give, so that he knows his donations won’t fall in the wrong hands and he can see the direct impact of his help.

So instead of simply giving money, Henk headed to the local market to buy clothing, blankets and toys. He bought out complete market stalls. Next, he made a trip to the supermarket for diapers, cotton swabs, shampoo and other health products.

Because of Henk’s efforts, children at the orphanage now sleep in proper beds, have the products they need to stay healthy and hygienic and are able to play and be happy with their new toys.

The Pattaya Retirement Home

When Henk visited the Pattaya retirement home, he saw that the people there were in need of the same things as the children in the orphanage, such as diapers to stay clean and games to make their lives more enjoyable.

It was only natural for Henk to make another trip to the markets. Only this time, instead of baby jumpers he bought night gowns and pajamas for the elderly folks at the home.

Every few years, Henk returns to Pattaya. To buy new supplies for the orphanage and retirement home.

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